DDos Killing Ark

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  • I'm making this post not out of hate we've been with nitrado for over 2+ years now and are a large cluster we've recent went from a 36 map community to just 20 maps as there seems to be no way to prevent, stop, mitigate ddos on the servers that we rent we've created countless tickets and have honestly just given up on any resolution we've even heard of other clusters using lift methods which we was told not to use. as it affects there abilities to identify the type of attack which is understandable, but we've lost countless players and time to this issue that never seems to get fully resolved currently we have 4 maps under attack and there is literally nothing anyone can do. we call nitrado and it usually just move to a new hardware which changes the i.p which is a temp fix and its so easy to apperhently pull the i.ps they say when purchasing the servers ddos protection but that feels more like a lie then anything, i wish they wouldn't put it on there at all instead of feeling lied to when reaching out for support on the matter and told there's nothing they can do but escalate the ticket meanwhile I've lost an entire week of game time and players as the maps are constantly under duress. i wouldn't say not to purchase nitrado as over all i've had a decent experience with them other then the 255 on the maps but with out a fix to the main issue of the servers being 255 ddos threats and black mail attempts which we are told to contact local law enforcement who seem entirely unable to assist in any matters of that regard. but before investing a large amount of money into renting a server i'd be sure to make sure you are doing proper research on how many maps and if you wish to have a larger community as it may not be worth your time or money in that aspect i foreshadow our own service not lasting past this next year if there isn't a resolution as there is no need to host 20 maps when we can't keep them running due to inability to have players join us as the maps are constantly being attacked i wanted this post to be seen by other community memebers and future cluster owners this is coming from a larger community in ark windows 10 Xbox version discord.gg/officialsucks over 8k members dissatisfied with nitrado currently