Server Looking for players for my new ASTETHIC PARADISE server

  • Join my new server and be the first ones to populate the Island! Together we can build a beautiful paradise!

    Trying to gather a good group of people and tribes to live and evolve the ARK to better. Raiding allowed all times, but be a gentleman and dont grief and kill unneccesary dinos. Most importantly, have fun!

  • Taming * 15. | | |Mods: (may add or remove mods if ppl want) URL to server profile: Asthetic Paradise | ARK: Survival Evolved (PC) |

    Harvesting * 5. | Stack mod

    Exp * 12.5. | | | | |Structures +

    Breeding * 25. | |Kibble table

    Max tribe members 3.

    Crop Growth * 15.

    Gigas nerfed and fewer.

    Turrets allowed on platforms.

    20% less wild dinos.

    More player and dino levels.

    Slightly boosted lvl up stats.

    Slightly slower food and water drain.

    Night duration 50% less.

    |Raiding allowed at all times, but keep it fair, no griefing and unnecessarily destruction! DONT kill passive dinos!!!|

    Admin plays too like any other, and uses power only for server mainetenance stuff.