2 questions about clusters.

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  • Hello,

    I have 2 issues that I am hoping to get some help with.
    First, I am so far unable to find the white list feature. everything I have found online says that it should be in the player settings, however I am only able select "ban" list and not the white list. Do I need to create or it select a setting to see it? I currently have a password, but even I am tired of entering that along with my players.

    Second, if I wish to have players able to have be access to their Dino's ' characters from my cluster but not be able to download, items, Dino's, or characters from outside servers, how do the settings need to be? In other words. If I have " prevent characterdownloads" & " prevent Dino downloads "checked on, will people be unable to use their same character, dinos, and items on all my maps like I want them to?

    Thanks for any help.