Constant server crashes and loss of progress

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  • Hi guys,

    A few days ago, I posted a rant here on the forums complaining about the automatic server restart feature which caused me and my buddies to lose a few hours of progress on our Astroneer server. I ended up turning off the automatic restarts and everything seemed to be working fine.

    However, since then, our server has been randomly crashing and going offline, causing me to force a server restart every time in order for us to bring it back online. Every time I've restarted the server, we've lost progress and it has just happened for the 3rd time as I'm typing this out. We can't even complete the game due to the server crashing almost every time we complete a new planet. On top of the crashing, the server has been having extreme desync issues and lag, which we have been tolerating for the sake of finishing the game together.

    Would it be possible to be issued a refund? Or if anyone has any idea on how to stop these crashes, that would also be appreciated.