Server Issues

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  • Hello, I just bought 4 Atlas servers to make a 2x2 grid for myself and some friends. We hoped on played a bit and once it got time to get on a ship and leave free port we went across to another grid, my friend got disconnected and can't re-join. We've also had other connection issues along the way.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to get credited for the 4 servers I bought so I could get a different gameserver. Like merge the 4 small servers I have to make one big server for another game.

    Thank you in advance!


  • Hello,

    The moving grid to grid disconnects is a common issue with the game, even on Official. And how the player can not connect is normal when that happens. Over time the Devs have made that less often, but does still happen. Not really a fix currently. Rebooting the server should work, sometimes if player restarts their client it works.

    You will need to contact Nitrado Support for any credit inquiries. Moderators do not have access to accounts or servers.

    Thank you