Reserved Slot inquiry

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  • being a paid customer and have no guaranteed slot on my own server i pay for, i mean im no more entitled to my own server than any other random player. How and why hasnt this been brought up over the years this game and nitrado have been working together. i'm actually an admin that wants to play on the server as well as if im not on have the ability to jump in if something is needed. I really feel this should be looked into and something done about it. and before anyone brings it up there is no whitelist option anymore only black list. So im really not sure how or what can be done besides kicking banning or just shutting down the server to get a spot of my own, i am really surprised that this hasn't been an issue since the whitelist option has been removed. im on ps4 btw so any its there still probably dont apply to my console.

  • true that im on ark but regardless still needs to be an option through the server service my business is with them directly not wild card and if they need to get the ok from wild card they should push for it to happen for the sake of their customers

  • Nitrado is not the developer of ARK, Wildcard is, so your "buisness" is with Wildcard. Nitrado can't help you with core feature of the game, since this is a technical "issue" and not something Nitrado's staff can just magically add.

  • so that's your answer its my fault for them not thinking about their customers more than just a random player. this site came highly recommended by many people on my stream. I am going out on a limb and guess you are pc player and don't have these issues right. So not sure why you're even commenting because as a consumer of a service it makes no sense that i don't have a guaranteed spot on my paid for service. so please if there is nothing constructive no need to continue our conversation. thanks though.

  • Hello,

    Folks reply as this is a Community Support Forum for gamers and admins like all of us. If you wish to contact Nitrado Support, you would need to contact them directly either by submitting a ticket or calling them as per the Support Link below.

    But the information being given is accurate. Nitrado offers 'Hardware' with what games are available. Bugs/features/enhancement are the responsibility of the game and how it interacts. Nitrado Engineers when a game is released will take what is available and make it easier to administer the servers. As server admins you have the ability with mods (if pc) to administer your server. So yes, you can kick if you needed a slot. They are not reserved. Some mods even offer administration. And I know one mod in the past that did offer 'reserved' slots. It is not like CounterStrike was in the day where you paid for an amount of slots, and you would get a 'bonus' for admin. The slots purchased are used as see fit. Also not to mention you have access to RCON which you can use other non mod apps like ARKon. As long as that app developer updates, it will work. (I am aware some folks are reporting ARKon does not work always. That is a known issue. Also apps using RCON in multiple instances can cause port issues. That is a different thread).

    Feel free at anytime to review the TOS or contact Support directly for any additional question regarding this topic. Thank you.

  • i dont even want a bonus slot im willing to take one of the 16 i got but it dont matter any way there is an issues that even has phone support baffled with my server keeps reverting back to code including rcon which i dont use due to me being on ps4 that and nothing i do is allowing me to do the l1 r1 triangle square to pop up my admin meu.. so i get it its something that should be there but isnt because the mod community can do it on pc for free.

  • Its just not available. You may want to ask the game devs. Server reverting back to code is another issue and you are in the wrong forum area to discuss issues with servers. So I will not continue with that chat. RCON is only available to PC server. That is because again, the game devs.

    Thank you for posting your frustration.

  • Hey Asylum, here's an idea to consider. What if you set a password on your server, create your toon, then remove the password if you want to provide public access. While I play with just a few friends, I do have passwords set (according to what I've been told, the issue of not using a password deals with public users accessing your set up would need to know the password in order to connect) and the only pain is that you need to log into servers when transferring between ARK servers in the cluster, which isn't really a pain because it provided security from random players we don't know from joining. That way you are guaranteed a slot on your own server.


    Closed the thread.