Server host has left the game

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  • Meh.....I just did full delete and reinstall, I wanted to have everything fresh to at least get a vanilla server running. Guess what? Server Host has left the game loop.
    Sigh....One more restart....
    I think what helped me fix this last time was switching my server from NY->LA.....then back again. Gives ya a new physical server. I'll post my results if I have to do it if this restart doesnt help.

  • Hey guys, Same problem here. Joining game into Server host has left the game loop.

    Nitrado responded saying the server is infact working and can be connected. If that's the case then how can none of my friends or myself join. I veritably hope credit is received for the number of days we are all missing out on.

    If anybody finds a fix let me know!

  • They responded to our server ticket again saying that it was sent up to a higher level and they would reply again when they had a solution. We are moving to a different server provider in the meantime. Hopefully I can get on eventually to blueprint my creations. If you haven't tried calling the support number I would recommend it. It was nice to actually talk to someone even if they didn't have an answer.

  • I may have a solution or those wanting to at least start a vanilla server. I was just able to start and load into it, Hopefully this works for yall.
    1. Uninstall Space Engineers from Switch game menu.
    2. Choose to install an Ark: Survival Evolved server. (Not sure it has to be Ark. Let us know if it works with other games.)
    3. Let it install and wait till server up and running.
    (I have Ark so I was able to test to see if it was working. It does. This MAY be optional for those who dont have Ark.)

    4. Uninstall Ark from "Switch Game" menu
    5. Install Space Engineers.
    6. Wait till everything is loaded (I did not touch the config menu!) Try to connect.

    For me the game loaded up for the first time in over 2 days with no issues and no lag or errors. Of coarse its default Vanilla. Right now Im going to go back and try to config a vanilla server with the setting I want. NO MODS. WIll try mods after a successful login to fully functional server.

    Update: The moment I changed my config (Like adding server name yadayada). Server Host has left the game Loop........ ;(

  • Thanks for letting us know, at least this seems like an option for those who want to play immediately.

  • Hi all, just bought a new server for Space Engineers. I seem to be having the exact same issue you all are mentioning, and haven't been able to join the new server yet. Glad to know it's not just me at least, hopefully that means they're working on it.

  • Day 5 and still no working server. No response from Nitrado. Been on creative now locally building blueprints as I wait. I might end up having to go to another server provider if not fixed in a couple of days. Id hate to do that cause normally my Nitrado servers have been good to me till this game. ;(

  • My group of friends haven't been able to play since last Friday with the same problem. No response from nitrado after the initial email either. I put a clean install on both mine and my friends nitrados servers with the same result (one in LA one in NY). Looks like its just broken atm. :-( .

  • Honestly Really dissapointed.

    I have been unable to connect to my Nitrado SE server since Friday the 9th. The only response I got so far is that they are aware there is a problem.

    I decided to give Nitrado a try in december since I have some friends in the US who would be playing more than me so I paid for a US server to give them a better connection. There were some setup issues due to the scenario I we wanted being unavailabel in the UI. Now this being unplayable and Nitrado not responding is totally unacceptable.

    I got a message that my paid time has expired and my server will be deleted if I don't pay. Guess I'm going back to self hosting.

  • Sorry that you are having issues. Typically it clears with a force reboot. But as I can see, many are reporting an issue.

    Please contact Nitrado Support to further investigate. Include log errors if they may help.

    Seeing as how this has now been reported 13 days ago, and Nitrado has officially known about about announced that they are working on this last week, can you contact them and see what sort of progress/status update there is? Also what sort of compensation do they plan to issue to the customers for the lost time since the services are inaccessible due to reasons beyond our control?

  • I think it sounds like most people have support tickets already open relating to this issue, but I guess they could be updated to ask about payments given they haven't been able to access the server.

    I have 14 days left on my server now, but I've only been able to play for 1 day before this issue started happening. I've had a support ticket open since the 9th but have yet to receive a reply about the continued issue. I don't mind if someone is working on it but the continued silence is unnerving.

  • On my last call to support they assured me that time would be credited to the account, and it was being worked on. The tech could not give a timeframe, but it could still be a while before a fix was implemented.

  • I bought this server about a month ago. it was all good for 1 week before i had this problem (Just found how to add reply as i am a bit of a small brain).

    I requested a support ticket, took then 48 hours to reply, and they said its been moved to a higher up. on the 7th jan i requested a refund. and because it was now 3 weeks into my server, and ive only been able to use it for 1 week. i asked if i could have a refund for 3 weeks worth of the server to my bank account. They said they will only refund HALF OF THE TIME that is LEFT, and the 2 weeks that i havent been able to play due to THEIR FAILURE does not count towards credit. and that it will ONLY be transfered to my Nitrado account.

    The problem is, i have no need for the money on my account because im moving to a new host, that actually know what they are doing and reply within 12 hours. I only moved here because it was half the price of my usual host, and my pay check was a little smaller than expected. i got 48p back, for only 4 days worth of the server. when i havent been able to play now for over 20 days. this is , and i want a full refund and im surprised the issue is still not fixed. If you have a server, and you payed for it within the last 2 weeks, get a refund. you get 100% of your money back and you get the option to put it onto your card and not the nitrado account.


  • After being able to play for a few minutes yesterday the same bug is back. "Server host has left the game. " I am not able to play. My server from another provider is working fine, so it looks like a Nitrado problem.

  • Its been 2-3 weeks now, nitrado. i recommend everyone get a refund if your within their 2 week period. i was on week 3 with 4 days left of my server when i req a refund. i got 2 days worth of money for 3 weeks worth of no server.these guys