Joining Failed - Could not Retrive Address

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  • Hi All,

    having trouble connecting to my server via xbox and PC (Windows). I have tried:

    • Restarting Server
    • Stopping Server - waiting - Starting
    • Reinstalling
    • Changing Map from Scorched Earth to Ragnarok
    • Starting over with a fresh save (Day 0 - no save games)
    • Able to join other games no problem
    • Able to join Single Player no issues

    I just renewed my service a bit ago and am not satisfied with the response time for support tickets. I'm losing at least a day of play time that I paid for.

    I have a ticket open but was hoping to play again tonight.

    edit: forgot to mention I am on PC and my 5 friends are on Xbox - they are having the same problem.

  • I am unable to ping the server address with the port provided in the Ark Direct Connect info for my server.

    XX.XXX.XXX.XXX:10050 (My server IP)

    But can ping:

    XX.XXX.XXX.XXX (My Server IP)

  • Sorry that you are having issues.

    Please contact Nitrado Support to further investigate. (know that you already said you had. You will need to wait for them to respond).

    Link: NITRADO

    Moderators do not have access to accounts or servers. This is only a Community Support Forum for users/gamers/admins to share ideas, suggestions.

    Thank you.