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  • Feel like this game is trying to force me to spend hundreds of dollars on a new system, tv, subscription etc which is unfortunate because i wont. My girlfriend and i love ark, Her having a ps4 plays split screen with me on xbox, My brother and his girlfriend would like to join us in our world, we tried it an the tether with four people is to much.

    We thought that renting a server might allow me and my girlfriend to have the tether and my brother and his girlfriend to have their own tether ( Or one plays on xbox, one on Pc xbox game pass because they have the extra) Is it at all even possible with a nitrado server and if not is that something that's in the scope? Like an Un-dedicated rented server (I know technically un-dedicated is your own system etc.......But that's why i'm here at nitrado trying to find a work around.)

    I honestly can't believe how hard this game fights to not have people enjoy it. ITS A GREAT GAME, Just needs to be more accessible. Big'ol SOS

    Ps, i know if you have an extra system you can do it off that but lets be real, downside of that is its not accessible when the leader is not online which renders it useless and again is why we rented a server. Thanks for your time!

  • Not really sure what your question is. A "Server" is where folks can join and play. Tethering/Split screen as you call it is a Game/Monitor setup and nothing to do with a server.

    Example: Player 1 owns Steam, and Player 2 owns EPIC and they wish to play together you could do with 1 server. Just will not be able to have mods.

    Now say add a Player 3 that has MS/Xbox they could not play on this server. They would need a separate or "2nd server" to play. You can not use the same Host Gameserver to host different platforms. You could with a Cloud server and install virtual instances but you are 100% on your own with that one.

    And atm, PS can not Crossplay with XBox. CrossPlay is available for XBox+Win10 through MS, and Crossplay is available for Steam+EPIC. PS is kinda on its own.

    Not even sure I answered your question. I am guessing what your question was.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Im not looking to crossplay. We are all playing on the Xbox version with console and windows 10. I'm literally looking to split screen (2 players one system) on a server with my girlfriend that my brother and his girlfriend can then join into from their console where we each of have our own systems tether (If they join my world currently, all four people would be on a tether which is over the top) Let me know if i explained it better. Looking to see if their is a work around to this or if it will ever be!

    Tether.. barrier?Whatever the distance in which you can travel from each other is called.

  • if you purchase a nitrado server there is no tether for xbox. By having the server it removes that tether feature among other stuff. The server is always live as well. Crossplay means you are playing on an xbox and also via windows 10.

    As for split screening I havent tested that. You can purchase a server for a few days to test that or give support a call to see if its possible