Server missing in Ark list

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  • Hi everyone i just made a Nitrado Ark server but since making it I've been unable to access it in game, I've followed all directions i could find and its still hidden somewhere. Server is running and has been restarted, map's The island, has a password, and I've tweeked some multipliers such as taming is 5.0. (I also have the season pass for DLC)

    I'm at my wits end i would really appreciate some help ?(

  • Hello

    Sorry you're having some issues locating your server. Once you made all the changes and you saved. Did you restsrt the server after as well? The settings won't take unless you restart the server.

    Also make sure to be searching under the unofficial pc sessions as well.

    If you've done all that I would try a server reinstall since it is a brand new server. See if you can find it first then make the changes from there.

  • Hi, thank you for the reply. I have indeed followed said steps before locating my server in game but was still unsuccessful. I'll try to reinstall it again and see if that works but at this stage it seems i may be paying for a server that is unavailable to me for whatever reason.

  • Reinstalling didn't work either, doesn't seem to be any way for me fix this. Followed every direction to the letter, got a ticket.. still wasn't solved, waited 24 hrs, changed settings to default. Nothing.. :(