Lag - loop - crash

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  • Hello,

    Can someone tell me how to make settings on DAYZ server on PC, so it would reduce lag?

    I had a loop-restart on my NAMALSK server, and I put in a ticket. BUT it seams like more servers from other providers were affected by DDOS attacks. So finally when my server was back on, it is unplayeble, but as many other ppl say, they belive it is a DDOS attack.

    Still I want to know, if anyone have experience how to make your server run smoother? Specially the DAYZ and if too much loot can disrupt the performance? Or is loot that is stored in containers, less laggy, since they are hidden, or can they still be a lag-problem?

    And if there is a DDOS attack going on, how can we/you solve it? Is it something we just have to wait-out, or can the NITRADO do something about it? (IF this is acually a DDOS attack ofc)

    Would be glad for some answers----- Thanks in advance! :)

  • one thing cause heavy lag on PC if with zombies, depending how you have it modded, Always have a backup of your file, To compare if you mod causing the issue you can always switch to Vanilla files and compare to see if there is a lag, Nitrado has one of the best dDos protection but if you have concern I would recommend to submit NITRADO Support Ticket