my solo ark server keeps becoming out of sync

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  • I have a new ark server that I play only myself solo. It's a new server with a wooden house nothing major.

    I have basic mods like s+ better spawns so on, 5 mods total. All just qol stuff.

    3 times today my character has lost sync with the server (the server will say my character is at a different location then what's shown on my screen). which if bad enough i can't do anything and have to relog every time to fix it (or mount a dino if i can catch it early enough)

    the only other time i've experienced this was on official rag server with 70 people online and the map totally built on. So idk why my dinky little wooden house on the island is doing it.

    anyway to prevent this?

  • More than likely what is happening is you log off, and the server may have a mod or game update so it restarts. It may restart at the last known location. This is due to the game itself autosaves in wide minute gaps. You can change the settings to 'save' more often in your WebUI. You can also do "saveworld" before logging off.

    The ARK wiki also covers this topic. ARK has multiple ways to back up, incremental, force, auto, and manual.

    Your inquiry is not server hardware specific, it is game specific. Also never know, could be a new ARK glitch/bug. You may want to scan around in the official ARK forums as this topic has been discussed there as well.