Will changing map loose all progress on previous map?

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  • Hi Guys,

    As title suggests, we are looking to change our map on ARK from The Island to Valguero, but we dont want too loose our base/dinos ect.

    We are not bothered about starting new characters.

    Has anyone done this who has any idea?

    Many thanks,


  • This is what I do when changing maps because I like clean survivor files.

    Since you have a PC server, use FTP and copy the entire ARK directory from the server to your PC. That way you will have a full backup from that exact time and map.

    Some will say, "change the map" you will be fine. Well, they would be correct. "However"- when you do that you are only changing the map file, and the ark profile and tribe files continue to grow. At some point they may become corrupted. And if that happens, say bye bye to the progress unless you have a successful rollback.

    Of course doing it this way does complicate your backup and restore process but as Admins we/you should become familiar with the server files and its structure. It will help you in the long run.

  • This is what I do when changing maps because I like clean survivor files.

    Since you have a PC server, use FTP and copy the entire ARK directory from the server to your PC.

    Hi Doagen, thanks for the answer, and I'd like to do that. Is there a walkthrough on how to do that as I'm interested in doing just that. And IF we were to go back to the backup, is it as easy as FTPing it back onto the servers?
    Is this supported by Nitrado in some way?
    Nitrado - perhaps you should build in an automated option of backing up a server (only one copy can be kept to reduce storage used) to our own PCs?

  • You already have backups as an option to restore from. Just over time the oldest is replaced. FTP is a way to have a more current update and longer storage.

    Nitrado would have nothing to do with that part. You can use FTP and schedule it to log in the server to grab a download. I would suggest doing google searches for FTP automated backups.

    Also the Wiki provides info on the FTP process if you have not already seen.

  • Doing research to access the FTP files, I realize that we cannot do that with XBOX servers.. ugh.
    The issue I have is I'm afraid that if we switch maps, the old automated backups will be overwritten eventually by the new maps automated backups. Any way to ensure that doesn't happen or that at least one copy of the previously used map gets saved no matter what (accepting the corruption issue you brought up above).