Need help creating a specific starting loadout

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  • Hello everyone,

    first off, I'm fairly new to DayZ server modding, but I think I already got the basics, since the starting loadout I'm trying to implement actually works, but not in just the way I'd like it to.

    I managed to tell the init.c file what items to place in my inventory, but the problem I'm having is that those items land in the default T-shirt, hiking pants and the ALICE backpack my character is spawning with. The clothing I want players to spawn with, I want to be already on them, not in the backpack, and the weapon attachments (except for the magazines; everyone should know how to hit R) I want to be already on the weapon.

    The quality of all the items and the quantity of ammo in the magazines and whatever isn't relevant; I know where to define that and I've already done so.

    I've spent roughly two hours working on my init.c desperately trying to get the clothes on the character and not inside the backpack and also the weapon attachments already on the AKM and CZ75 I want players to spawn with.

    Granted, it's a rather powerful loadout people are going to spawn with on my server, but my excuse is "role-playing". The idea behind this is that you're a surviving Chernorussian soldier coming back to their senses after event XYZ that brought you to where you're spawning.

    Since those two hours I've spent trying to figure this out turned out unsuccessful, I'm out of ideas and I was hoping that someone could help me out getting this right.

    Anyway, here's the full list of items I'm trying to have people spawn with (with the clothes already being on the character), using the item IDs. They're in no particular order except for the clothing, which is sorted by slot. I'd sort the items how I want them to be placed later.

    HighCapacityVest_Black with RDG2SmokeGrenade_White attached


    MilitaryBelt with PlateCarrierHolster, NylonKnifeSheath and Canteen attached and CombatKnife inside the sheath



    HeadTorch_Grey with Battery9V already inside it (if I need to define the battery being in there in the cfgspawnabletypes.cfg, please tell me how to do this)



    MilitaryBoots_Black with HuntingKnife inside them


    AKM with AK_PlasticBttstck, AK_PlasticHndgrd, AK_Suppressor and KobraOptic attached and Battery9V inside the reflex sight - preferably already in the player's hands

    CZ75 with PistolSuppressor and PistolOptic attached and Battery9V inside the reflex sight - preferably already in the PlateCarrierHolster I've mentioned above

    Mag_AKM_30Rnd x4

    Mag_CZ75_15Rnd x4


    AK_Bayonet - not attached to the gun, just inside the bags









    FirstAidKit with BandageDressing, BloodTestKit, BloodBagEmpty and StartKitIV inside

    Also, I want people to start with full health, water and energy - I know the commands, I just don't know where to put them exactly within the init.c file.

    I'm out of ideas and I highly appreciate every kind of help I can get.


    Robert Calais

  • Roughly six hours later and I'm pretty sure I've only made things worse.

    At some point, the game simply stopped connecting me to my server. When I enter my server password, my character on the character selection screen just freezes while everything in the background still animates and the server never loads.

    Here's my init.c file. I don't know what it is that I messed up and I'm out of ideas.

    Edit: Yes, I know there's a lot more stuff than I initially planned. That's just a side effect of there simply being significantly more usable space, if everything already spawns in place.

    Edit 2: My original init.c was formatted differently. This one never worked. I managed to connect to my server once and I had absolutely nothing on me (I probably had "player.RemoveAllItems();" in the wrong place) and after that, the game never loaded me in again.

  • Which makes sense, but the question is whether showing new players where some items may spawn is more important than reducing server lag, hiding items, and ruining the experience for players who do use F to loot (which I'd like to take a second to say is fucking stupid that dragging in menu is faster because there is no animation, making one clearly superior and the devs haven't addressed this. Also, you don't need clothes to be a teaching aid; items spawn in or on buildings, as well as points of interest such as hay bails, graves, and tables. Playing the game without clothes for a single day would give anyone a good idea of where 95 percent of the loot spawns.


    Closed the thread.