Annoying return to pre-game

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  • Hello People,

    This is a particularly frustrating problem for our new BF3 server.

    Once we finally get 4 players to start a round (really difficult to do most of the time) we're unable to get the server to start with only 1 player after the round is completed?.

    Also when the round is in progress if a player or 3 leave then the server goes back to the annoying "pre-game" state. This maybe something utterly simple that we've missed - but does anyone know firstly, how to get the server to start with one player after a completed 4 player round. And how to stop a round in progress restarting continually if players leave.

    We've looked through the available options and no matter what we try the result is the same. No change ;(

    ANY help at all would be really appreciated as Google doesn't seem to be of any help with these particular questions.

    Many thanks.