New Year's Event

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    Thank you for your support request.

    The Support is primarily responsible for providing fast and competitive help in case of serious errors regarding the rented service.

    This is only possible if the support staff are able to focus on these serious issues. That's why we appreciate your understanding in regards to this kind of configuration related questions.

    Nitrado Community Support Forum:

    Many common topics have already been discussed in our forum. Please use the forum's search functionality first, before you consider creating a new topic. Please make sure that you post in the correct section, otherwise, your article may be closed or left unanswered. There are many customers and also support staff browsing our forum, who can most certainly help you resolve your request. Please try to include as much information as possible.

    We can guarantee the server to work properly with vanilla settings and configurations, sadly, our team does not offer extra support for in-game events or special custom configurations because there are many and way too much for us to troubleshoot all of them for all the games as they can create incompatibilities and errors that we can't see.

    We appreciate your patience.

    Should you happen to find any other problems apart from this, please contact us again.

  • I followed the directions on the video. I had the event checked off as well as ""current event". I even played the game for 12 hours straight incase the time stamp was the problem. Nothing ever happened. Just regular Raptor Claus. No fireworks or anything. I feel like I got robbed. But what else is new.

  • wow, just amazing


    You told us you'd triple check your configuration if everything matched the Wildcard post…ear-surprise-event-r1691/

    And if even with that the event wasn't working, we cannot help any further, we are not being rude but we simply do not have any control over official events or configurations set on the server.

    If you have any further requests or doubts, please contact us again.

  • Pretty sad. Nothing more infuriating than paying $130 a year for a server where either things don't work or noone wants to tell you how to make it work. I for one am very upset about this. I play every single day. 12 hours straight on weekends sometimes. I chase raptor claus whenever he appears and still can't get any rare chibi's. I even throw all my duplicates into the refinery and get the same old common ones all the time. Then the New Year event never triggers on my server even though it was all set up right. I even posted on here asking for help and got my post deleted for no reason.