Arma 3 Life servers not working

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  • Hi there,

    I rented a server from nitrado a couple of days ago and cannot seem to get any version of altis or tanoa life working. Every time a player tries to spawn they get these two error messages flashing back and forth repeatedly. The game seems to be playing in the background as when i click respawn the error messages go away for a split second to reveal the game in the background. I have tried reinstalling all variations of Arma numerous times and resetting the server but nothing seems to be working. I have also created a support ticket with Nitrado and had numerous chats with support but they don't seem to know what is causing it. Has anyone experienced this before or know a fix?


  • Hey mrluna,

    currently you have a pure vanilla server installed.

    Therefore, I have already installed the required databases on your server.

    You can now switch to Altis and start playing directly.

    Alternatively you can find a complete MYSQL database on the following page


    You can install it via phpMyAdmin using the import function.