How do I make sound effects and music for games?

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  • You can make your own. Using others without permission will just land you into trouble.

    What some folks do is records sounds say a drip. Open that audio in goldwave, and snag a tiny piece. Do the same to a few other sounds. Combine them together.

    Then you can play, or if you have DJ eq (MIDI/Mixer) you can play with it and record. Add some beats (fruityloop is one).

    Need to be creative. Safer to avoid Youtube warnings from streaming. ;)

  • FL Studio, Reason and Logic are all awesome programs for music. However...

    Music for games is a really deep rabbit hole. Just like you won't be an amazing artist over night, you won't be a world class sound designer. There are lots of communities of musicians on the net, your best bet is to post an ad on one of those sites to try to find a musician that will work either pro bono or on a royalty scheme of some sort.

    Best of luck with it all!


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