Ark: Genesis 1 keeps disconnecting in the Ocean biome

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  • Hi There,

    This is my son's account but I am the one who mainly plays. That being said, every time I teleport to the ocean biome, instantly disconnect. I get booted. If I don't get booted at the start, then it will wait for 5-10 minutes so I'm away from safety and then boot me and then I end up dying. Losing dinos. My otter died and I'm still really pissed at that, all because I got booted. Has anyone had this issue? I don't even have anything built up at where I spawn in, just the ocean platform with a few feeding troughs. I've restarted my internet, done a test to make sure I have enough speed, as well as restarting the server and my Xbox. I've called in a ticket before and they fixed something, it lasted a day. I have another trouble ticket in as well. Help, I really need organic polymer!!