Server-side mods - how to activate??

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  • Hi All

    I have a server-side mod I wish to activate on my server - SlowerMetabolism. Where do I put the .pbo and .bisign files and how do I activate the mod?

    I presumed (due to a lack of guides) that I copy files to the server as per regular mods but insert prefix -servermod= for just this mod in "Additional mods" but this doesn't seem to work.

    I know how to add and activate regular mods - I'm just stuck on server-side only mods. I have other server-side mods I wish to add so I'd really like to actually find out how to activate them.

    Thanks in advance


  • UPDATE: OK, so I stumbled across a mod on Steam with useful instructions - so for mods that include a server profile folder, I copy the mod and key as usual, then copy the folder, found within the mod's server profile folder, to the server's Config folder. I have also found some other config files for mods I'm using in this Config folder so I guess this is where server-side stuff goes.

    I guess this won't work for SlowerMetabolism as this mod only contain a .pbo file and a .bisign file, no config file. Maybe an out-dated method of creating server-side mods?

    Still leaves the question of how to activate server-side mods...

  • oke found something here :

    I was working with the PVEZ-airdrop mod, that is only server side.

    I red somewere here on the forum, that some one was also working on a server side mod to make it work, and he suggested to put the PBO file into the addon map.

    I tryed it with the airdrop mod.....and it worked !!

    so maybe its also your sollution ?