Editing loot in heli crash sites

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  • I apologize if this is super simple but I cannot, for the life of me, find where to edit what specifically spawns at the heli crashes.

    I thought it would be fairly straight-forward, but then yesterday I found a red tshirt at a smoking crash, even though that tshirt does not have the proper usage tag. That isn't really the main problem, though, and the reason this is a bit frustrating is because on my private server, we have a competition where the first team to 50 black berets has to announce it to the other 2 teams and then they have 10 days to defend those 50 black berets.

    I only want black berets spawning at heli crash sites and I want the ability for 2-3 to spawn at a time. I've edited types.xml usage tags. I also looked at mapgroupproto.xml, cfgrandompresets, cfgspawnabletypes, and cfgeventspawns--by nothing jumps out as "edit this" to accomplish my goal and I'm afraid to start randomly changing things and break the server.

    Can someone advise me how to specifically edit what can, and can't, spawn at the heli crashes?

  • I'm struggling with the same sort of issue on the PS4. What I have found is you can limit what spawns at events by editing the mapgroupproto.xml and renaming the category names. This will work for a general work around.

    There may be another way.
    First, open cfglimitsdefinition.xml and add <category name="custom"/> after the explosives. Save.

    Second, open your types.xml, find the items you want to add to the new category and add <category name="custom"/>.

    Third, open cfgmapgroupproto.xml and place your new <category name="custom"/> for the building to spawn that loot category.

    This is making your items have a secondary category to be pulled from.

    I havn't tried this method, but it should work in theory.

  • The main issue is where the heck is the heli loot list for it to grab from. I havn't tried this method, but it should work in theory.

    Your information about creating another category name was brilliant, thank you! It helped me better understand the way the files interact.

    You're 100% right, though, I cannot see in any file where heli crashes draw from a specific usage or category tag. It's like the loot table is baked-in but it still shouldn't be spawning a tshirt I have spawning in towns and villages in tier 1 zones.

    Thank you for the reply though as it has given me something to work with.