Prim+ non stop crashing

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  • Hello. My friends a few days ago started a server on Ark Prim+. We all decided to move to it being super excited. They're having no issues at all. Me however i have done nothing but crash to the main menu ever 5-10mins. I cant stay in the server longer then that. I have tried everything. I have power cycled my xbox. checked for updates. deleted saved data. Created new character. Un installed and Re installed the game. I have downladed my single player character on prim+ and uploaded it into the server thinking it might work. Nothing is working. None of my friends are having any issues. Only me. I thought it maybe was my account so i tried another account i had and i still am getting kicked. Who can i contact to fix this.. ive done everything, i dont want to be the reason my friends dont play prim+. they said theyd switch back to survival but they were so excited to play prim+. I dont have this Disconnecting issue in survival evolved. Only Prim+ and every server ive tried still kicks me.. Please Please Please help <3 im at a loss :(