Petition to restore ability (Ark Mobile web interface restore server)

Dear forum members,
for some time now we have been creating and maintaining new ways to help game server admins with questions and problems as quickly as possible, e.g. our Guides section and the Nitrado Community Discord.

Therefore, we inform you that the Nitrado Forum will be closed on March 31, 2023. We are consolidating our community support to our Discord channel, which is faster and more efficient. We have also seen incredible growth in our community due to the hard work of our moderators and our bots. We are confident that this move will ensure that we provide the best support possible for our users.

Thank you to all members for your continued use of the forum!

Assistance with all questions concerning your Nitrado service can now be found in these spots:
Community Discord:
Guides section:
Support Wizard:
  • Nitrado is under contract by War Drums Studio and is subject to their demands.

    Please reply to this to thread so Nitrado can take this to War Drums Studio and give us owners the ability to restore our servers via the web interface.

    As owners it is more time efficient to restore services through the web application than to call in any time some unfortunate event happens during gameplay. As owners we digitally own any virtual space or information and are being dictated on how to operate and have no other choice in the matter. We could potentially seek a class action lawsuit but first need to make our wishes known and gain support.

    *note to Nitrado services.. we thank you for everything and ask that you fight for your customers on this issue

    Thank you