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  • I cannot join my ark server. It keeps saying session not found even though I restarted and my friend has tried on his Xbox as well I can’t join my server but I can join other random servers. I payed for this server and was only able to use it once before this happened so I would either like a refund or would like this issue to be fixed.

  • Sorry that you are having issues.

    Some basic troubleshooting tips-

    (1) Check your filters when searching. Remove the password of the server if you have one set.

    (2) Try a reboot. If it does not stop, after a few minutes you will get an option called force shutdown. Do it. Then restart.

    (3) If you want, try a recovery backup from a recent save from the menu. Note: you will lose all progress up to that point.

    (4) If you want, try a reinstall of the server and see if that helps.

    You may also contact Nitrado Support.

    Link: Support |

    Thank you.

  • It seems like the Windows Store version of the game hasn't been updated and in typical fashion, they've left those of us running the Microsoft version for crossplay twisting in the wind, without even letting us know that it needed to be updated, etc...