Can't find Server

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  • So I have Ark off the microsoft store and my buddy also has it off the microsoft store and i just got a server like an hour ago. From what i've read I believe I was right in choosing the xbox one server through your app. I have crossplay activated no password and im searching under unofficial pc session. and my server is not showing i also saved and restarted my server after everything. I also just heard from my buddy on xbox and he was able to join the server so it should be running so why am I not seeing it on my pc?

    Thanks in Advance

  • I own ark on windows(purchased for the windows store and purchased ark server for Xbox through nitrado) and am experiencing the same issue if you find a solution please post if you have the spare time thanks.

    EDIT: So I found somewhat of a fix when typing in the name in the search bar nothing comes up but if you select the PC unofficial filter and sort by alphabetical scroll down to your server's name it does show up there and I was able to join it. Please follow up and let me know if you were able to locate your server with this method because it might just be some kind of bug with the search in the game.

  • I am not sure if this will be the same problem for you guys, but I had the same issue a couple of days ago. The server had changed from PVE to PVP some time over night, which obviously meant I could not find my server with the current filters I had set up.

    I would suggest going over your general settings, making sure everything is how it should be and adjust the filters if needed! :)