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  • Evening all

    i have started a new server(im not new to dayz and never had issues with xtml files before )

    after modding them the loot does not appear to be spawning, in any location. zombies are working fine (they are modded to have food on them) i have ran all the xtml files through a validator and they are all ok. the only error is on the Spawnable types file that appears to be on the original backup that was not modded so i believe it is supposed to be that way

    772:9The string "--" is not permitted within comments.

    771 <!--START OF ZOMBIES -->
    772 <!-- -- error.png---------------------------ARMY----------------------------- -->
    773 <type name="ZmbM_PatrolNormal_Autumn">
    774 <cargo preset="foodArmy" />

    does any one have any suggestions to get my loot spawning again, any help would be greatly appreciated

  • I was getting the same error from xml validation as well. I removed all of the dashes on several of the comments sections of the xml. After doing this the validation tool highlighted the actual error and I was able to correct the file. Hope that helps.