To Do List For First Timer

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  • Hey Guys/Girls,

    I'm new to the world of ARK and decided to throw some more $$$$ at it and rent a web space and domain. I might be in over my head but if there is a to do list on how to setup pHpnuke . Im sure i can figure it out from there. Do i need to download php and a FTP program? lots of noob questions. I like to learn tho, whos willing to teach me? Thanks!

  • Lots of online tutorials exist online for this. Also for the most part each CMS has their own install instructions.

    phpnuke, joomla, e107, and several others do. Also free online courses exists to teach what each piece of a website includes.

    IE: FQDN, DNS, Host, Registrar, URL and so on.


    Closed the thread.