Hard Reset of the Server ?

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  • Evening Nitrado

    So after Donkey Crew's last patch, the commerce patch to Last Oasis we got a new start, however not everything was available at our map, things we had on the map before the commerce patch.

    Is there a way to do a hard reset and wipe all progress incl. randomize the map without having to buy a new server or re-install the game ?

    Best Regards


  • Unless someone in the Community knows, I will suggest you contact Nitrado Support directly.

    As a customer of nitrado, a reinstall in the only way I know of.



    Alright, but in theory a reinstall should randomize the map as well as clear any progress we have?

    Do you know to what extent it's clearing?, I guess we have to set up all the maps and settings etc again ?

    Thanks for your answer

    Best Regards


  • Ok reinstall did not work, it even messed up my settings even more. Server reinstalled alright, but admin-web interface didn't update at all, it's now stuck in a loop with the old settings.

    So if you guys wanna reset your servers, do not use "reinstall". You've been warned.

  • Evening!

    I might need your help now (the community). We currently using the "SleepingGiantsB_2 L" (the map with the crab) as our home map, occasionally switching to other maps for Iron, Obsidian and Pearls.

    But after the commerce patch we haven't been able to find any high quality cattail (well lv.4 at most), but before the patch we had lv.80 cattail which is a game changer for nomad cloth and ropes.

    Anyway, I wanted to ask you guys, if you have high level cattail and using the map SleepingGiants2 and have high level cattail, can you tell me what tile position you have. We currently have tile position (2,8) and we have no high level cattail here. We have tried a few tiles so far without any luck.

    Best Regards