Slow upload of mods

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  • I have 30gb+ worth of mods for Operation Cobalt. I wanna set up this server using that mods if it's better than Exile but the uploading of mods on FileZilla is hella slow. at this rate, it will take me a day or two of running my pc to upload all of em.

    Is there a faster way to upload those mods? Is there like a workshop support directly to the server or like RDC just for the server files so we can set up our mods faster?

  • You may want to contact the support. 30GB is quite a lot. i'm not sure if there is a limit but it won't hurt if you ask the support.

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    No support via PM.

    Important: Mods here in the forum do not have access to your services. If we advise you to contact the support, you have to create a ticket or call them. There is nothing we can do.