Cannot get Modded Items to Spawn: Cars with Loot in good condition, Guns with mags, trucks with loot ( Need help with initial server spawn)

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  • Hey everyone, I could really use some help as I am having a hard time getting any of my change to spawn in. First, I set everything to spawn in with the condition of (0.1-0.2), I did this is in the cfgspawnabletypes.xml. I also have coded cars to spawn with all tires, parts, and some loot in the trunk, I did this for the new truck as well. Not only do these cars not spawn, the ones I do find are missing parts and have no loot. I coded every single gun to have a mag on spawn and every gun I find is in poor condition and has no mag. So problem summation, my extra cars and trucks are not spawning and do not have the parts or loot they should as coded by my xml files, my guns do not spawn with mags as they should and I have no indication the extra guns I coded are actually spawning, and lastly everything should be in near pristine condition but it is not.

    Another note, is I saw on Scalespeeders video on youtube that this might be because all of the old items need to despawn first. However, the video had a workaround that if you reinstall the server and unclick the file wipe option, it will keep your custom xml files and load those in on initial spawn. I do this, but none of the items are coded are in initial spawn, it seems to still be vanilla items. Even though my files are loaded in the server files.

    I could really use some help from any willing. This has been making it a huge pain, and almost leaves no reason to run the server if I cant see the changes I've made to enjoy the game. If you are willing to help please just leave comments to guide me or I can discord DM you.

  • No need to reinstall server. Go into your events.xml file and for every event you want to despawn, set the flag




    Reboot the server and let it run for like 20-30 minutes. Then go back in and set the active switch back to '1' and reboot again.. If you did everything else that scalespeeder specifies you should see your goodies all properly set up.

    If that didn't work, you might want to post your events.xml and cfgspawnabletypes.xml here for us to have a gander.


    Closed the thread.