Genesis DLC Map quick host timeout

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  • Okay here is what is going on from what I've tracked down. Basically I logged off Genesis map several days ago. I was on several other of my servers as well. All is fine there but today when I go to log into my Genesis main base it loads and I hear the chime of the MOTD screen and some sound and then quickly get booted and a host timeout etc. Now its not my Xbox cuz it is running the new console X series and I have 1Gbs fiber line. My ping is really good as well. And yes I know from time to time its random to get host timeout when joining but this is different.

    My friend went to my base and as soon as he started to load it in, bam, same thing and he barely gets in for a min and its the same for him. I join with a new character from another server to transfer over and see if I can salvage, and get close and same thing happens. Now before you say its the entities like dinos and large buildings but its good size but not huge and I don't have a lot of dinos/pets outside as well.

    The only thing I can think that might be going on from a similar issue is when accessing an inventory that is huge. But it did not affect another player only that players inventory. Now I was transferring items off the server when I was last there so my guess is that server crashed sometime and reverted to hours before when maybe my inventory was slot capped and moving items?

    I'm trying to figure out how to fix this issue. I can get to my other base in the ocean but one of my main breeding cryo lines was in the winter biome so I would rather see what I can do to fix before I simply tell everyone that we have to reset etc.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS...and yes I can connect just fine to my other servers clustered including Island, Rag, CI etc. Many of which has more entities and base storage than Genesis.

  • crashstack typically means corrupted file. A backup recovery may resolve this issue. Just note you will lose all progress up to the date of the recovery file.

    btw- crashstack happens more often than we all want. Its ark. :(

    yeah might have to put in a support ticket to see if anything can be done, but like I stated, its just when I or anyone else gets close to my base which would make me believe that crashstack would not matter as I would think that it would affect just joining as well anywhere on the map.