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  • Can I download the files stored in the Backup Management page?

    I would like to download local copies of the files under "Map Save Backups (Internal Save Game Backups)".

    Is this possible? I can download the associated .gz file, but that only contains the map and not the .arkplayer and tribe files.


  • Thanks, I'm aware of FTP access but it would be nice to be able to download the older backups that Nitrado made. Those have all the files properly synced up, plus a nice history.

    The problem with backing up via FTP access is the files shown in FTP are only older copies of the actual server files. I can't make a current backup with FTP without shutting down the server and waiting 10-15 minutes for the files to get copied over and correctly synced.

    As an example, the FTP access to the server I am looking at now shows the timestamp of the Ark map file to be 8 hours old. If I try and make a backup now, it will be hours out of date, and not synced up with the player profile and tribe files which are also ranging from half an hour to several hours out of date.

    Is there any work around to backup up the server without shutting it down and waiting 15 minutes for the files to sync?


  • Actually FTP is the newest backups. Depending on how you have your server set, the FTP backups are 15m old. I have used them myself for years. You do not have to shutdown the server to grab an FTP backup. Although it is the cleanest way. In any case FTP is 15m, vs your nitrado backups are much longer I'd pick FTP.

    And teh gz file does include all the files. I have used them myself. I use them weekly for a program I use to audit the servers and server progress ingame.

    FTP is using Unix time. They are also synced. So not really sure what the issue is. In any case, no you are not able to download the ones Nitrado has appearing in your webui.

  • The gz file does not include all the files.

    Files like "Genesis_01.12.2020_16.45.11.ark.gz" only contain the Genesis map, they do not contain the player profiles or tribe data.

    Are the full archives stored elsewhere?

    My problem is concern that using FTP to make backups will give me backups in an inconstant state with files delayed an unknown amount of time. The main map file being 8 hours out of date shows me that not all files are updated in that 15 minute window.

  • To have the most recent backed up file, grab the .gz, arkprofile, tribe and backup. I use these all the time moving around servers, taking a server down then using the files later like months down the road. It is what is available to Nitrado customers. You can change you autosave duration in the webui.

  • Is there a secret to uploading new files to the server?

    I shut it down, wait 15 minutes, delete everything in SavedArks and upload new files, wait 15 minutes and restart.

    Tried this 4 times now, every time I get the old server. Tried it waiting half an hour the last attempt.

    How can I force Nitrado to update the files I'm uploading?

    Is there any way to modify the long sync times? They are very unreliable for me, both for backing up and trying to restore. Makes for a frustrating experience.

  • I'm still wondering about this.

    I'm trying to change a server and it's not working.

    I stop the server, wait 15 minutes.

    Delete old files, copy the new files, wait 15 minutes.

    Restart the server, and it's using the old files.

    How long do I have to wait? Is there any trick I'm missing? I'm literally wasting hours with all the waiting trying this repeatedly.

  • What are you trying to do?

    If you want a full backup, use FTP/Filezilla to grab the whole ark folder and dl to the pc. Then if you want to start from scratch, do a reinstall. That will wipe it all.

    if you are trying to bring back some other files from a previous server or backup, visit the wiki and it provides how to do the backup. Retrieval is the reverse.

    But I wouldnt restore the ini files form another save from SP or another host as they are a little different.

    I can download, wipe, restore in 30m. The longest part is getting mods to install. Do everything above with server offline.