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  • From the discord of the ARK DEVs:


    Status update:


    - Intermittent disconnects that started last night on @PC (Steam/Epic) and @PS4. We recommend relaunching your clients again if you're experiencing it, no patch or updating should be necessary. If you're still experiencing frequent disconnects on these two platforms specifically on officials, please file an outage report for our team to investigate (#server-outage )

    - If you are experiencing a perma-disconnect on your Unofficial Servers in the Genesis Lunar biome on @XBOX/Win10, please make sure your Unofficial server is running the latest update (v804.9 #xbox-patch-notes). Note that you may need to wipe wild creatures, which you can do so with the following command: cheat destroywilddinos


    - Still looking into an issue where players would disconnect specifically on @XBOX/Win10 approximately every 45 minutes, as well as the session list getting stuck.

    - And aye, we are looking into the new Turkey Trial event colours not showing up on all colour regions for wild creatures"