How to delete super turkeys?

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  • Team and I have been playing about two weeks. We had 14 dinos and a pretty decent little base. In 58 seconds three super turkeys wiped out every dino including 3 brontos, a sarco, and several more that we had poured levels into.

    I've turned the event off and restored a backup from an hour ago but the turkeys keep showing up. Is there something else I need to do to remove them from the game. One of my players has been gaming for >30 years and he said it was the worst one minute experience of his gaming life... Turkeys gotta go!!

  • For everyone battling the turkeys, a pro tip don't use a dino, use melee tools to kill them. They are resistant to dino damage like 75 percent while melee weapons do increased damage. That is how the trials are intended to work, long ago they were even hostile, now you have to prevoke them :P.

    As Doagen stated after you change the event "do a wipe" is a must to clean up the spawns.