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  • Helloes, running into a new problem here.

    I am pretty new at this server stuff and have set up a server for my sister to play on. I rly want it to be organized but i find myself having trouble with a lobby and gamemodes.

    I want a lobby with portal, doors etc. to 3 or 4 different gamemodes - For survival PvP, Creative, Skyblock and some agility/minor games. Is there a way to connect these different worlds? And does it cost extra for each modpack?

    I hope this is not too much of a question


  • Hello xOnye,

    For example, to use different worlds, Multiverse Core is recommended.

    Übersicht - Multiverse-Core - Bukkit Plugins - Projekte - Bukkit

    For portals there are then multiverse portals.

    Übersicht - Multiverse-Portals - Bukkit Plugins - Projekte - Bukkit

    Then there is still a plugin missing, so that the inventories are separated, but unfortunately I can not think of one right now. You have to look.

    There are plugins on Spigot: Resources | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft

    But Bukkit also has a page for plugins: Bukkit Plugins - Projekte - Bukkit

    Several worlds in itself cost nothing. The more worlds, the more resources your server needs.

    With friendly greetings


  • Thank you very much. When i made this first world, I had an understanding that i could only have 1 mod for each world i create. Maybe this is just a question of editing in the server?

    And what do you mean by seperated inventories. Will the inventories from one world, follow the person to the next world?

    I hope u guys are aviable for further questions, there will for sure be some ^^

    Btw. Whats the maximum worlds you would suggest, with 2000 mb?

  • I just noticed that your server seems to be a Vanilla server. You would have to decide between Spigot or Forge.

    Spigot supports plugins and Forge Mods.

    A small overview: What is Spigot? CraftBukkit? Bukkit? Vanilla? Forg | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft

    Yes, inventories are transferred between the worlds without an additional plugin / mod.

    The size of the RAM is always hard to say. I always recommend trying it out. If the RAM is at 90% capacity should be followed by an upgrade.

    My plugin's recommendation was for Spigot, did not pay attention to the fact that Vanilla is in the thread. ^^ '

  • Haha does not matter what threat it is, i will just make a new world ^^

    I will make the spigot world, with the plugins you recommended. I just found a forum which suggested using Multiverse inventories, since it is for bukkit and works with multiverse core im thinking this might work?

  • Bukkit used to be the leading software for plugins.

    Today Spigot continues to develop Bukkit. Spigot works much better and uses fewer resources. Spigot advises all to use only Spigot and only Bukkit if there are really compatibility problems.

    So Spigot is the improved Bukkit. :)

  • See, now i ran into another problem. Spigot works for 1.14.1, not for 1.14.2. Should I upload the newest version myself or is that something you will do in nitrado?

    And i have downloaded spigot on my server now, but i dont rly now how to ad the plugins? Or is the plugins already there?

    Thank you for your time

  • Unfortunately there is no Spigot 1.14.2 in the Nitrado Webinterface. But you can create Spigot 1.14.2 every second with the help of this tutorial.

    BuildTools | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft

    The resulting .jar can then be uploaded under "Change version".

    Plugins would have to be downloaded, as only a few are available in the web interface.

    Simply download all the plugins that you would like to download in the appropriate version. Then go to the web browser on the file browser and upload all plugins into the folder / plugins.

    The server must be switched off. Then just start the server.

    Then the plugins should be installed, under the folder / plugins you will find a folder created by the plugin where you can set the plugin.

    Now if all players get "op" you do not have to do anything else. Should not all players have all rights I recommend a plugin like LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft. (Very highly recommended, because you can make everything with all rights of course.!)

    There, the so-called "Permissions" can be set up. So the rights that the respective group may have on the server.

    Then additional worlds can be inserted or new ones created.

    In these worlds your desires can arise.

    I like to help, in the past I also had many questions myself. :)

  • Holy moly that is a huge quest you sent me into!

    Maybe i should settle with v. 1.14.1 for now, and hope that u will get it up-to-date in the nearest future?

  • I always recommend uploading the new version in the current versions, because the developers are quite diligent. :)

    Everything feasible. The more one deals with it, the more understandable everything is. ^^'

    To make it a little more understandable:

    Spigot is the server software and serves the purpose of using plugins.

    Permissions are the rights players get. These serve to not use "op".

    OP allows all players to do everything (which makes it possible to destroy the world.) OP can be used on servers for a family or only closest friends.

    Multiverse serves to use multiple worlds.