Single Server - Move between Maps

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  • Hey all,

    Kinda New to Ark and servers... so here goes..

    I have seen alot about cluster servers and the like, however, I am looking to play with a couple of friends and it is not worth buying a cluster server. However we do want to play all the maps. (one at a time of course)


    1 - Is it possible to "finish" The Island upload your character on at a terminal / oblesik, and then that character will be available to use on the next map we pick?

    2 - Kinda similar to the above, its it possible to use a terminal to upload, switch to another map, grab a dino, upload and then switch back to the original island? - in this instance, lets assume my friends havn't uploaded their characters, what happens to them?

    Kind thanks for your answers and input in advance.

  • 1. - Yes. You also could upload dino if you wanna keep or some of the resources.

    2. - Yes to dino thing. Yes you can switch back to The Island as long as you keep the last save from The Island map outside of the server (like connect to the server with ftp filezilla save the map on your pc, then re-upload it).

    If your friends didn't upload the characters but you saved the map, everything will be there like nothing happend.