Two part question...trial and switching game sever software

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  • 1. Can I rent a server for 30d, then if and when I decide I am happy with Nitrado, upgrade to a 1 year for the difference between the two prices?

    2. Can I change what game server I am running, without losing the files? For example, load up 7dtd with prefabs, mods, etc. and play for a couple weeks, then switch to running an E:GS server for a couple weeks, then switch back to the 7dtd server with nothing changed on the 7dtd world (all PoIs that are explored stay that way unless the game refreshes them, all characters have their stuff, bases build by players remain, etc.) and switch between the two whenever I want to?

  • Hello,

    When you purchase a server for 30 days it has no discount. If you purchase say 1 year in the web screen it provides a discounted rate. Looks like for DayZ for 365 days its a 19% discount.

    So if you have a server and renew it at day 31 for 365 days, for the first 30 days it was the regular price. Then on day 31 when you renew its really like Day 1 and you get the discount when purchasing for a year. You dont get like 30 day reg, then on renewal pay the diff cause its 11 months.

    As for the files, yes you can change the game and such and the files save. However over time the data may be deleted. ie: You play a game now, change tomorrow and you try to change back in 6 months the data might be gone. If you do a reinstall of the server at anytime, all files are gone.