Ark mobile Sever Restarts

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  • I’m trying to figure out how the auto restart server works. I have gone into the web interface and scheduled an automatic server restart every 6 hours, to try to improve server up time, since apparently ARK Mobile shuts down a nitrado game server after a few hours. Problem is that it’s not working, the server is not restarting every 6 hours. I’ve practically lost all of my players because of this “feature” which causes the server to shut down. I paid in advance for a year for a 32 slot server and it’s not online 75% of the time.... I want to get this fixed, or I want some money back! This is trash and “support“ hasn’t been helpful at all. .... Any pros have ay tips?

  • As of this week? month?... I too have been dealing with this "coded within the game" issue... wherein the server automatically shuts down after some, currently, unspecified amount of time. Issues? you bet.. ive been renting for upwards of a year now and not experienced anything like this. Today i tried to log in around lunch time..and? server was down. I started it, just as I did yesterday, and the day before that..... and now, maybe 6 hrs laters? or less... its down again... this must be some part of the recent update at Nitrado or part of the big update Grove Street implemented recently where the shut down ALL servers "briefly".

    I was told to schedule the restarts as you have. but its not quite so straight forward. if you make 1 schedule @ 6 hrs.. what really happens is the server restarts daily at 06:00 in whatever time zone it is.. not ever 6 hrs. you would need to set restart schedule @ 00:00, 06:00, 12....... etc. but even then, my experience today shows that they shutdown again in under 6 hrs if there is no activity. ?(

    nitrado claims "We have been investigating a way to revert this, but it is on the source code for the game, so it's very tricky to bypass." ok, but its hard to believe that the game developers would include such coding in their own game. seems much more likely something the host would employ to reduce power and bandwidth consumption.. but perhaps not....:/

    hopefully this silly thing can be rectified soon, before everyone packs up and finds a new server to play on.:rolleyes: