Dayz 1.10 Update Thread

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  • This thread is for questions about the DayZ v1.10 update. Which is due to be released Nov 19 Afternoon CET.


    Q. Does the 1.10 update require a wipe?
    A. No the devs have confirmed a wipe is NOT required.

    Q. Where can I see the change log?

    A. The changelog is available at…tal-update-110-changelog/

    Q. How do I update my community server with all the cool new stuff?

    A1. (I just want the Vanilla files)

    After the update Wipe your server in Dashboard > Settings and click the 'Reinstall' button

    A2. (I just want the Vanilla files but I do not want to wipe)

    It can take sometime for the vanilla files to be released on the web.

    You can typical find them at the official GITHUB repository OR one of the streamer/coder community such as Don Sibley

    GITHUB -

    DON SIBLEY Discord - Discord

    1. If you can obtain the files by doing a complete wipe, this is your quickest option. (Do you have a test server?)

    2. Copy all your current v1.09 files to a new folder called 1.10 these files will be the ones you update.

    3. Use an application such as DiffMerge to compare ALL the vanilla files and your new 1.10 files. Update as required.

    4. Use an XML Validation tool on ALL documents you have edited - Validate XML files

    5. Stop your Nitrado server

    6. Go to 'File Browser' and rename the 'dayzps_missions' folder to 'dayzps_missions.old109'

    7. Create a new folder on Nitrado called 'dayzps_missions'

    8. Inside that folder create a new folder called 'dayzOffline.chernarusplus' / 'dayzOffline.enoch' depending on your map

    9. Upload your edited files inside the folder you created in step 8

    10. Start your server

    Q. What happens if everything is messed up?

    A1. Double check your files

    A2 Restore your database from the backup - Restore the latest 'dayzps_missions' DB from DashBoard > Settings > Restore Backup

    *Note this thread contains information that can wipe your server and you should be very mindful to back everything up before completing any of the steps below

    **Note this thread is not an official Nitrado support thread.

    ***Note this thread was posted after experiencing the last 3 updates without much support

  • So I believe there has been a very small update to dayz which means you can no longer connect to the server because you can a bad version in game - I spend hours yesterday rebuilding the server from scratch to onlt find today we can't connect again. Do i have to rebuild the server again or can I so something which will not loose what any one has done in the last 12 hours of playing on my server?

    This is frustrating if we need to do this again?

    Could someone please advise?

    Many thanks,

  • Yeah thanks again,

    They close for calls at 3:30pm so fat out of luck there - I guess I'll have to wait as I really dont want to go through that again having to re-upload all the mods and confirm to xml files

    They have chat and email support too. I've found these guys are always on, either during EU times or US times. Super helpful