Ark server configurations wyverns

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  • Hello everyone,

    Does any know if there is a setting via either general or in the .ini file that would disable specifically fire and poison wyverns from mating after this TLC update that made them breedable? We are playing on a nitrado ark server that has classic flyers, structures plus, no more theft, hg stacking 2500 50%, lethals reuseables, and awesome spyglass mods. We are unsure if lightning wyverns will mate but we do know that ice wyverns will mate. Any ideas or information on how to fix it would be awesome. Also I have created a single player version of this server with the same mods and I was able to have all the wyverns mate.

  • We are also having this issue on our Crystal Isles map. What we've realized so far is that when we first spawn in the Wyverns (fire, lightning, poison) they are able to mate for a brief period of time but not for long after that. Interestingly enough, when we first spawn them in we are also not able to level their movement speed right away.

    This leads me to believe that them not being able to mate is actually an issue with the Classic Flyers mod and the new TLC update. I haven't had a chance to turn the mod off and see if that fixes the mating but I think we are going to give that a try at some point.