Can't connect to server - Unable to query server info for invite

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  • Hi,

    I'm running Ark through Steam on Debian Bullseye and I play on a Nitrado 10 slot server.

    The game was running fine until today around 9 PM, since then I can't connect to my Ark server anymore.

    I'm still able to connect official servers but I can't find mine when I'm looking for it into Ark search engine.

    When I try to connect using Nitrado WebServer Interface I have the following error : "Unable to query server info for invite"

    I have tried to restart the server but it didn't changed anything.

    My friends are currently able to play on the server so I'm pretty sure the server is running well.

    I didn't changed any configuration on my computer and my roommate is able to connect on the server so I don't think it's either coming from a router or firewall configuration.

    Is that possible to run ark into console with logs enabled ? Logs may contains some information to track down the issue.

    Does anybody has already faced this issue, knows what could be happening or could provide me some advice to understand what's happening ?

    I have seen that the server is running version 316.18 when my client is 315.1 maybe it could be related ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • After checking with my friends, they all had an update through Steam and their client is at version 316.18. I had none.

    I checked my Steam configuration and it's configured to automatic updates for Ark so I don't understand why the update isn't available.

  • Just to follow up, the update just installed on Steam. I can succesfully connect to my server since then.

    Still don't know why the client update has been done 24 hours after the server update but since people using Windows instead of Linux didn't had any problem, that's clearly not a Nitrado issue.

    Maybe Steam releases Linux updates later than Windows ones. I wouldn't be so surprised...