Server Erroneously Deleted Chest With All Valuables—Open a Ticket or Server Rollback?

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  • Hi all,

    I play Ark Survival Evolved Mobile on a Nitrado server. I logged on an hour ago to discover a chest I use a dozen times a day, where I keep a whole lot of expensive premium content, was deleted by the server "because it was neglected for a long time." I have decay on and am used to items not in use being destroyed for being out of use. But this is used constantly. I did recently add a PIN code to it, any weird way that's the issue?

    I'm aware Ark Mobile doesn't perform Game Internal Backups (grrr), but I wondered if you had any advice about whether risking a rollback to the last save (from a few hours ago) would be worth it, or if submitting a ticket would be of any use at all. I don't want to mess up the entire world for the rest of the server, but this is maddening.

    Thanks for any advice-


  • Update: Restored a server backup that should have restored the items, no luck. I've heard others are having similar unpredictable issues with Decay on unofficial servers, anyone else?