Dato Save Question

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  • Hello everyone!

    I have been playing Ark on Xbox / Microsoft pc for years and have recently bought Ark on Steam on sale.

    I have an extra pc that I have used to host servers in the past for my friends on Xbox, and I am willing to buy a second Ark on that extra pc so I can do the same on Steam, but I have also learned of Nitrado! The only thing that worries me is that your data expires if you don't renew in 7 days.

    My question is- I see that you can access FTP and save your data locally. Does this save the whole server cluster (as in, data from multiple maps)? Can I rent a server for a month, save it locally before it expires, and then rent another sever a few weeks later and upload that save and start back up where we left off, or is this not possible? Does this save all dinos and structures?

    Thanks for any help!