Constant kicking from ark prim+ server

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  • i run an ark prim+ server, after ten mins time approx of being in game i get kicked and shows a host connection timeout lost/timeout connection to host error, ping sitting at 100 approx all the time with no rubber banding. have reset my connection many times, my ul/dl speeds are normal, have asked players on the server if it happens to them and no one else it happens to. have reinstalled ark also. tried a few other servers and didnt happen on them and on normal ark it doesnt happen, been playing for ages and havent come across this like it is, im not idle either when i get kicked. Any suggestions or ideas why this may be happening?

  • Because it is only happening to you and not others, it is more likely your client/network or your game profile could be corrupted.

    And you mentioned ARK works for you on other servers, that leans more towards your profile on that server. If this was a PC server, you could just go into it via FTP and delete your profile. Their is no other fix for a corrupted player file. And yes, it happens. I know of no other fixes or way around it that a full wipe. You could trying by restoring an old saved game. I know that sucks for the others since they would be rolled back, but it is an alternative idea.