DeerIsle post-installation, Hangs on loading screen

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  • I’ve installed and set up DeerIsle in the exact same manner as another server we operate with a different host.

    Download mod, FTP server files and mod package to server, update active mission in config file, add mod to mod list for startup as first mod.

    No matter how we configure, the game hangs on the loading screen. We have performed a wipe and fresh install and same issue persists.

    Has anyone any thoughts on PC installation using expert settings on our Nitrado server for DeerIsle map/mission?

  • As I mentioned several times before ( and I informed support about this issue) in my case of running expansion mod (Installation is similar to deer) my serverDZ.cfg got overwritten to default Chernarus map everytime the server started (resulting in hanging on loading screen too).

    check file after server started to be sure the correct deer mission has loaded.