When does a server "reset" items

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  • I'm a little confused on what a server "reset" is so I will do my best to articulate what I mean:

    I've been playing with my bud on our newly bought private server here on Nitrado for the past week or so. No problems so far, everything is groovy. I've noticed however, that when we re-visit areas we haven't been too in days, things like old campfires, a broken car we wrecked, and other stuff that should have de-spawed by now are still there.

    I've been playing for several years now, always on dedicated servers. I am pretty sure that these items should have gone away when the server resets (which we've done manually several times, not scheduled) but even when the server resets they are there. I've also noticed that towns we've stripped dry haven't really respawned anything new either.

    Now I am wondering if there is another way we should be restarting the server. Does shutting down the server and restarting it, restart the server internally? Am I over complicating this or am I missing something? Any help is appreciated and will be rewarded with my digital smile


  • Instig8ed the bohemia updated the dayz and the items currently don't spawn on the server restart, today the items remain on the map basically :

    86400 seconds & 172800 seconds (24h & 72h) .

    See here : Loot despawn

    But having a private server you can make the changes about it .

    The file responsible for the items and her lifetime's is types.xml

    Tutorial here: How To Customize Your Types.xml File

  • Thanks for the reply! This makes so much more sense now. So basically I have to just wait out the clock to see new items at areas, correct? Does my distance from the area make a difference? For instance, if I have a camp just outside of a town, will the items still respawn after the countdown or will the count be paused because we are close to the area?

  • Hi Instig8ed ! You're welcome ! Yes, when you are very close to the item it doesn’t disappear, but his lifetime spawn doesn’t stop counting, as soon you gets away and comes back he disappears to appears in another area. (to make it appear quickly elsewhere set RESTOCK = 0)