Custom Loot Drop Quality Coming Up Random

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  • Hi Guys

    I wanted to start by saying sorry if this question has been posted before, I was unable to find it. I just started my own Nitrado server and have been playing around with the coding. I am trying to create custom loot drops on my Crystal Isle map. (IE white drop=starter) and so on. I have been using the 3rd party Beacon app to create my drops and then copying the Game ini files (provided by the beacon app) and then posting them into my Game ini setting. My question and issue is, when I created my starter drop(white Drop) with the beacon app and I added primitive flak gear, why am I get other Quality (Ramshackle and Apprentice) flak gear in my drops. Now that I added my "Gear/Weapons" drop (yellow) that also contains flak gear with quality set to Mastercraft, why it is my starter drops flak gear is spawning at Mastercraft and Ascendant quality?

    Any Answers/Comments/Suggestions/Help is greatly appreciated

    Thank you