Server not starting

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  • So I've come to start up my server today and when I start it up then it says "server starting" for while and then just stops. On the mod list it says that there's an update for the Structures Plus mod, which happened on the 14th, and that the update will install when the server restarts.....but the server wont restart.

    In the log files is the recurring error "+0100Mod 731604991 installation incomplete (.mod file or mod folder missing) - game start aborted"

    Can anyone explain at all?

  • Hello,

    For more up to date information about this mod, please visit the creators Workshop for steam.

    More than likely the update caused a corrupted file, and the only way around that is a restore from a backup. And its typically the backup right before the original update.

    I use S+ on one of my servers and had that same exact issue. And that is the fix I had to do. Make a backup via FTP BEFORE you do this in case you need to rollback to its original stat.

    And yes, rolling back you will lose all progress. No way around that due to the mod possible corrupting the file. Its not a server issue.

    If you wish to not roll back or need additional info please contact Nitrado Support.

    Link: Support |

    thank you