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  • sorry prob had this so many times, do i just need to add the mod id to server? or do i need to upload the mods too? if need to upload them what folder do i upload them to as cant see a mod folder?

    and if you know how to set the day to 4 hours and night to 30 mins that would be awesome

    please help and thank you in advance

    steve :)

  • Hey Surviv0r ;)

    You have to upload the Mods, they have to be Serverside and Clientside.

    1. Place them into your Main directory "/dayzstandalone/"

    2. Keys must be placed into Keys folder.

    3. If there are any XML files you have to add the content into your own XML file with the same name.

    4. Add "@ModName;" to your Start.bat or Nitrado Webinterface.

    5. Restart Server 2 times.

    For the time configuration you can finde more Infos in Nitrado wiki or CLICK HERE


    Below you can add me on Discord or Steam if i can help you.

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