I can get into server, but some cant

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  • Ok here is the situation, I and couple others can enter but a couple other cant, and when they try they it is an infinite load loop, one had it load for 16 hours and still nothing after he ctrl alt delete he some how looses 2 files in the process and has to verify every time he attempts to come into the server

    any ideas to this?

  • I have not experienced this, but perhaps it is something to do with the version? Are you sure the versions are the same of the server and the person trying to get in?

    Sadly no, that is not the issue, if only it was that easy, the people can not get in, but they were able to before it is still a lingering problem. they still have not been able to get onto the server for over 17 days, it is a forever load screen for them. and as said above when they exit threw ctl alt delete the lose files from the game, so im not quite sure what to do here when im trying to grow a server but are unable to have them join our server. Anouther thing to note I do not have any mods inside the game